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Our mission is to make it easy for everybody to do business in the pharma industry by using technology to increase transparency, reduce fraud and improve the trust between the parties.

A Trusted Network of Buyers & Suppliers of the Pharma Industry

In today’s ultra-high competition, where as much as 65-70% of the costs is based on raw materials such as APIs, excipients , Packaging materials etc ; purchasing can give you a distinct and unbeatable advantage in the market.

SMEs often engage with same old suppliers for their requirements with whom they have been working for past many years. It’s challenging to find credible, reputed and strong suppliers with limited purchase teams. So the orders are placed to the vendors quoting lowest price. However, the truth is that there are many more dependable suppliers for the same product who are capable of offering competitive price, quick deliveries and great service.

Uptrado is a network which brings together reputed, vetted and verified importers, traders, agents, raw-materials manufacturers and formulators. It brings competing prices for your requirements. It gives you tools to do purchasing such as step1 of the suppliers, information of products that they deal in, price comparison features, purchase order creation and status of the orders-all at the same place.

The use of internet to connect and technology to select the correct quotes brings more transparency, productivity into the purchasing process. Today, Pharmaceutical SMEs can not afford to live on their island without building their presence on the internet.

When your purchasing headaches are gone, you can focus on growing your pharma business.

Uptrado for Buyers

  • Find reputed suppliers, importers, traders, raw material manufacturers, and agents
  • Make better and faster purchases with tools like quote comparison, purchase order creation, instant chat, and negotiation
  • Eliminate paper based processes
  • Your digital supply chain strategy

Uptrado for Suppliers

  • Constant stream of qualified leads
  • Develop repeat customers
  • Generate more referrals
  • Send payment reminders to get paid faster

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